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blame me for the rocks and baby bones.
Yeah, remember what I said about Geass icons? No you don't. Attaboy.

Anyway, overdue post is highly overdue, which means icons are seriously varying in quality. Also, the Persona 3 icons are suffering from a terminal case of trendiness. Delicious trendiness!

11 / Code Geass Lelouch, CC, Anya, Nina, Lelouch/CC
41 / Persona 3 um, everyone. really.
11/ Persona 3/4 fanart Minato, Jin, Aigis, Kanji, Yosuke etc.
5 / Princess Princess Yuujiro
4 / Yuugioh fanart albino/albino, egyptian/egyptian
13 / miscellaneous DOGS, KHR, Sakura Gari, and more!!

Icon 001
Icon 002
Icon 003
Icon 004

you and i, lost to the winter like kansasCollapse )

comment, please! if you take or if you like or, hell, just because.
credit either warwolves or wolfwinds
textless icons aren't bases.
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